Single sessions range from 2-14 minutes. To build a gradual base tan we recommend 2-3 sessions per week over a 4-6 week period, to enable your skin to develop a natural tan without over-exposure. We pride ourselves on our professional advice and guidance when using tanning equipment.

NEW: We are excited to have recently installed new Hapro Luxura V6 Tanning units. These are fitted with your favourite Cosmedico 10k100 3UVB and Rubino infrared lamps for a deep, long-lasting tan!

Treatment Duration Price
Tanning- Single Session per minute 1 minute £1.00
Tanning- 120 minute course 120 minutes £60.00
Tanning- 60 minute course 60 minutes £40.00
Tanning- 30 minute course 90 minutes £26.00